Why UV is Germicidal


The UV band of light contains frequencies that penetrate cell walls and destroys the DNA of microorganisms… when this happens they become unable to reproduce and die off.

Germ-Safe Water


If your water supply is from a well, spring, or small public water system, there is always a risk of biological contamination. Aquatronic’s high intensity UVC gives you the piece of mind that your water is being disinfected. It is still wise to test your water periodically to be sure there is not an acute problem or other water system failure.

Environmentally Friendly


Aquatronic™ UV kills germs in your water without adding chemicals that can adversely affect taste, health and the environment.
Aquatronic UVC Germicidal Water Treatment systems provide high quality potable water for your home without adding any chemicals to the water

Ultravation Aquatronic™ UV Disinfection Systems use ultraviolet light to disinfect household water. They are designed to provide consistent potable water for drinking, cooking and bathing in either 10 or 20 gallons per minute configurations. Aquatronic™ systems are particularly useful for treating well and spring-fed water systems where bio-contamination is always a potential problem. We recommend water testing be performed and analyzed by a water quality professional.

Aquatronic™ UVC Water disinfection is a reliable, non-chemical way to provide your family with germ-safe drinking water!

Imagine water you can count on right from your tap to be disinfected and safe to drink, with no additives or by-products . . . and does not impact septic systems or the environment!

16,000 microwatt(µw) UV dose Aquatronic™ UV systems produce 16,000µw/cm2 of UV energy. Ultravation UltraMAX™ UV lamps are encased in precision cut, fire polished quartz sleeves that maximize microbe exposure to the germicidal wavelengths of UVC light.

Electropolished stainless steel construction Ultravation water disinfection chambers are fabricated to industrial standards. They are 304 stainless steel manufactured using plasma arc fusion welding for uncontaminated welds and they are electropolished and passivated for unsurpassed strength and food-grade quality.

Electronic ballast An all electronic ballast assures UV output performance and delivers stability over a wide range of voltage fluctuations. Designed to optimize reliability and maximize UV intensity over the life of the lamp.

Installation The Aquatronic disinfection chamber/vessel can install vertically or horizontally, after the pressure tank and any other treatment devices (such as softeners or filters), and before the point of first potable water use. The UV lamp and quartz sleeve remove from the top of the unit for easy maintenance. The Aquatronic electronic control module mounts conveniently nearby.

Three performance and feature levels to choose from…


ME-MonitorThe ME-Series features a UV-C monitor that displays the actual UV intensity level inside the disinfection chamber, indicating the exact UV-C status at a glance. It sounds an alarm if the UV output is too low. It also reminds when the lamp needs to be changed and the quartz sleeve cleaned. It also features connections for an optional solenoid valve that will stop water flow when the UV lamp is not operating or output is too low.

ME-Series Specs


Aquatronic ME-Series

Provides real-time UV intensity monitoring
  • Flow control regulates UV exposure time
  • UVC monitor measures actual UV output
  • Low output alarm
  • Water shut-off option if lamp goes out or output is too low
  • 16,000 microwatt UV intensity


ME-MonitorThe SV-Series features the Ultravation® UVLampMonitor that displays lamp status with an alarm that sounds if lamp goes out for any reason. It also reminds when the lamp needs to be changed and the quartz sleeve cleaned. It also features connections for an optional solenoid valve that will stop water flow when the UV lamp is not operating.

SV-Series Specs


Aquatronic SV-Series

Provides comprehensive UV lamp monitoring
  • Flow control regulates UV exposure time
  • UVLampMonitor sounds alarm when UV lamp goes out
  • UVLampMonitor reminds when UV lamp needs replacing
  • Water shut-off option if lamp goes out
  • 16,000 microwatt UV intensity


ME-MonitorThe SS-Series features electropolished stainless steel vessel /tank construction fabricated to industrial standards. Flow control ensures that water remains in disinfection vessel long enough for proper UV exposure.

SS-Series Specs


Aquatronic SS-Series

Provides full disinfection power with economy
  • Flow control regulates UV exposure time
  • 16,000 microwatt UV intensity