M-Series UV for Mini-Split Ductless AC


Inhibits mold growth on fans, coils and other internal A/C surfaces and improves indoor air quality

The M-Series™ UV system provides maximum UVC germicidal disinfection for ductless air conditioning units found in hotel, motels, medical offices, homes, apartments and condos. The high-intensity germicidal UV light kills microorganisms such as mold and bacteria that grow inside the A/C unit as well as helps reduce the airborne contaminants such as germs, viruses and allergens passing through the HVAC system.

Stops bad odors

The build up of bio-growth and mold on internal parts, generates foul odors that are then dispersed into the air. Installing an M-Series™ UV system within the mini-split units removes the bacteria, mold and other organics that cause these bad odors as well as reduces system maintenance needs.

Designed to fit major brands with easy installation

Its compact-design, fits major mini-split A/C brands and is easily installed by residential or commercial HVAC contractors. Its 360° UV shield rotation allows the installer to direct the UV where needed and prevent accidental or unwanted exposure.



Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioning Units for Commercial / Institutional / Medical / Residential applications.

Installation: By Ultravation or Local Commercial HVAC contractor

Warranty: 3-year system warranty (excluding lamp)

M-Series™ Features

  • Designed to fit major brands
  • Easy fit and installation
  • 120-277 VAC (auto sensing)
  • 360° UV shield rotation
  • One or two lamps
  • Lamp-out alarms
  • Audible alarm auto-silences in 30 seconds
  • Twin LED display
  • Rugged construction
  • Three-year system warranty (lamps one-year)

Ultravation® M-Series™ UV

UVM-107 Single lamp
UVM-207 Dual Lamp



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