Photronic Systems – Germicidal / Filtration / Odor Reduction

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Multistage air treatment that filters, disinfects and deodorizes the air for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement for HVAC systems up to 5 tons

Photronic™ uses a unique set of technologies that addresses each of the common causes of indoor air pollution

  • Low cost / high efficiency / low pressure drop MERV 11 filtration to remove up to 99.97% of allergens and particulates as small as 3 microns.
  • Photocatalytic Air Purifier decomposes hundreds of odors caused by VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), as well as neutralizing passing airborne bacteria and viruses—including flu viruses.

MERV 11 rated ProgressiveMedia™ filtration

The first stage in the system is a layered and pleated air filter that effectively captures and holds more dirt, allergens and other debris, than any filter in its class achieving 85% efficiency on particles as small as 3 microns. The continuous strand, hypo-allergenic premium filter is not only high performance, but is also highly practical and economical — no cleaning or other maintenance is required and each filter will last six months in a typical environment.

Photocatalytic VOC odor and airborne microorganism reduction

The ReFresh™ odor control module breaks up odor molecules from Volitile Organic Compounds or VOCs. Odors generated from organic sources, from pet odors to new carpet, construction to damp musty smells to food odors.

The ReFresh™ module uses UV light energy to activate a grid coated with titanium dioxide that reacts with VOCs. Additionally, the photocatalytic (PCO) process, destroys passing airborne bacteria and viruses.



Particulate, odor and germicidal air treatment for commercial buildings with central HVAC systems up to 5 tons. Ideal for medical clinics, doctor’s offices, schools, pet stores, restaurants, professional offices and businesses.

Installation: By Ultravation or local commercial HVAC contractor

Sizing and Estimation: Please click here for project estimate with
dosage recommendations

Financing: Leasing options available

Photronic™ Warranty: 10-year system warranty


Photronic systems are available and custom configurable for any HVAC system. Typically the filtration and odor reduction chamber cabinet is installed in the HVAC air return.

Contact us for advice on what system is best for you and to find a commercial HVAC contractor near you.



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