UVMatrix EZ-Series – Single UVC Lamp / Special Applications

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An easy to install single-lamp UV light system for special applications or to augment a larger system UVMatrix UV systems for commercial HVAC use UVC light to kill microorganisms on coils, surfaces and airstream—including mold, flu viruses and bacteria.

The EZ system – which comes in three lamp lengths – can be used in hard-to-fit specialized HVAC or cooling equipment such as ice machines where controlling bio-growth on cooling coils is vital.

The EZ kit is supplied in component parts to maximize installation flexibility. It’s magnetic mounting clips require no drilling and can be positioned virtually anywhere. The six foot cable is included to allow easy positioning of all components. The light shield keeps UV away from UV-sensitive areas.

Simple and versatile, the EZ system gets the job done more effectively by utilizing the Ultravation UltraMAX T3™ UV intensity and disinfection power.

Ultravation’s T3 design UV-C lamps emit 40% more UV-C, with no additional energy cost. Using economical standard UV lamps, Ultravation achieves the disinfection power of power-hungry high-intensity lamps through their patented lamp system that thermally optimizes each lamp for more output than is otherwise possible without increased energy consumption.




The UVMatrix EZ kit consists of an Ultravation T3™ UV lamp (available in three sizes — see below), a light shield that keeps UV from sensitive areas, an ESP™ electronic power supply, two magnetic lamp fasteners and 6 ft. lamp lead.

Ice machines for hotels and restaurants, commercial refrigeration equipment, augmentation of other UVMatrix UV equipment in large HVAC systems, systems with limited space for UV lights.

Installation: By local commercial HVAC contractor

Specifications: Click here to download UVMatrix EZ technical specifications in Word format

Technical Drawings: Click here to download UVMatrix EZ technical drawings in PDF format

Warranty: 3-year system warranty (excluding lamp)

More UVMatrix features:

  • Reliable and UVC-optimizing electronic power supply helps extend lamp life
  • Available for 120 or 277 VAC operation.

UVMatrix™ EZ-Series

Model Number Lamp Length
UVMatrix™ EZ-22 22″
UVMatrix™ EZ-33 33″
UVMatrix™ EZ-62 62″

How to order: Click here to contact us, and find a commercial installation contractor or wholesale distributor.

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